A Lesson From Nature

Lao Tzu Quote - Nature Does Not Hurry and Yet Everything is Accomplished. White and yellow daisy flowers. Relax and don't stress.

What a lovely reminder to slow down & enjoy life. I sometimes feel like I’m in a competition for who can create the most to do lists. It’s great to have goals, but it’s OK to take a break & relax when you need it too.
Source: https://goo.gl/oO9tZP


Garden Jewels

Spring pink and purple Fuchsia flower blossoms by Shalom Schultz Designs. Flower gardening. Garden love.

These fuchsia flowers in my garden are almost too gorgeous to be real. When I was a child, they were always my favorite blossoms to see when my mother would take me to visit a local greenhouse because they reminded me of ballerinas with their bright, poofy ‘tutus’. Now I love them for being easy to grow and adding vibrant color to the shady spot next to my front porch.