Petunias and Pumpkins

Fall cedar planter with purple petunias and red mums. Autumn flowers accented by white and orange pumpkins. Outdoor decorating. Country, cottage style rustic decor.

The summer gardening season is nearly over, but I always look forward to adding one last burst of fresh color with a pot of fall mums. A collection of small pumpkins officially welcomes the changing of seasons as falling leaves gather on the ground. Autumn is always too short for my liking, but I intend to revel in every cozy moment.


Happy Mind Happy Life

Happy mind happy life quote from @itscatharriss on Instagram. Happiness. Just be. Live in the moment. Motivation. Inspiration. Wise words. Quote of the day. Positive thinking & energy. Hope.

Such a great thought @itscatharriss on Instagram has shared. And what a difference it can make in your day when you choose to focus on the positives. If you’re in need of a mood boost, try taking some time out to write down & reflect on what you have to be thankful for (no matter how small). If you’re anything like me, once you get started it will be hard to stop.

Koi Fish in Pond Mother and Baby Graphic Illustration

Koi fish in pond mother and baby digital graphic illustration. Red, coral and black fish on turquoise blue water background with white bubbles. Modern art style. By Shalom Schultz Designs.

Original koi fish mother and baby illustration, sketched first in pencil and then digitally rendered. I did this several years ago when I was selling only digitally created art, but now that I’m trying to take a more ‘hands on’ approach with my Etsy shop,I think I might like to re-create it in watercolor, giving this design a softer, more fluid look.

DIY Fabric Acorns – Tutorial

Easy DIY Recycled Fabric Acorns Tutorial by Shalom Schultz Designs. Fall and autumn craft using plastic eggs and old sweaters.

Just in time for fall, these adorable fabric acorns are so simple to make, you can whip up a whole batch in just one afternoon! And by playing with different colors, patterns and textures, you can create one-of-a-kind pieces that complement the rest of your
home decor perfectly. You can even make them ‘green’ by upcycling clothing
you no longer wear into cool, new 3-D art. Happy crafting!

Follow the steps below that correspond to the number on the picture
or click here: Acorns Tutorial – Printable PDF
Easy DIY Recycled Fabric Acorns Tutorial by Shalom Schultz Designs. Fall and autumn craft using plastic eggs and old sweaters.

1) Cut a square of fabric approximately 6” x 6” for the bottom of your acorn. For a smoother appearance, use a ‘stretchy’ material (such as a sweater).

Place the bottom half of a plastic Easter egg in the center of the square.
**Optional: Cover the egg with masking tape to avoid the color showing through thin or loose-knit material.

2) Turn the egg bottom hollow-side up and gather the fabric over it. Secure the fabric with a small rubber band. Adjust the stretched fabric as needed until it looks as smooth as possible (some creasing is to be expected).

3) Cut the excess loose fabric off the top, leaving approximately 1 inch.
Save the trimmed fabric for later.

4) Tuck the loose, gathered fabric down inside the egg bottom until it is a
mostly flat surface.

5) Cut a square of fabric approximately 7” x 7” for the top of the acorn. Place the previously trimmed fabric into the center to use as stuffing. Add more, if needed.
**Optional: Use polyfill for the stuffing, if preferred.

6) Gather the fabric evenly around the filling and secure with a small rubber band.

7) Compare the top half of the acorn to the bottom half and adjust the top half as need until there is an even overlap all around.

8) Tie a length of yarn or thick string tightly around the gathered fabric, just under the rubber band. Leave the ends long enough to add beads later. Remove the rubber band.

9) Cut the excess loose fabric off the top, leaving approximately 1/2 inch.
NO-SEW OPTION: Skip steps 10-15 and use a glue gun to secure the top and bottom acorn halves together. Start from the inside and work your way out to avoid, excess glue showing. Return to step 16 of the tutorial.
10) The top of the gathered fabric should resemble a flower. Trim any loose threads or uneven sections as needed to achieve a smooth appearance.

11) To achieve a more ‘flattened’ appearance resembling an acorn cap, insert a threaded needle through the center of the gathered fabric and bring it out through the bottom of the acorn top. Use a thimble if necessary.

12) Reinsert the needle through the bottom of the acorn top and bring it out through
the center of the gathered fabric. Repeat the process 4-5 times, then tie a knot and
trim the thread.

13) Place the bottom and top acorn halves together and secure with safety pins.

14) Insert a threaded needle into underside of the acorn top and bring it back out at a
point where the top half meets the bottom half. Begin sewing the top and bottom halves together, using a whip stitch.

15) Continue all the way around the acorn until both halves are completely stitched together. Tie a knot and bring the needle back through the top one more time before trimming the thread to hide the loose end.

16) String a bead onto each of the loose yarn ends on the acorn top.

17) Knot the yarn under the beads and trim. All done!

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This document may not be altered, sold or redistributed as a download. Links back
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are permitted with proper credit given to author.
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Motivation vs. Discipline

Motivation vs. Discipline Inspirational Quote

Excellent advice from @1000lifelessons . This is something I really struggle with when life gets hectic. But by identifying specific goals & committing to working on them every day, I’ve achieved more than I ever would have by simply waiting for the ‘mood’ to strike.

Ink Drawing Complete for Culinary Herbs Illustration

Culinary Herbs Ink Drawing and Watercolor Wash by Shalom Schultz Designs

Finished ink drawing and watercolor wash for my Culinary Herbs illustration. The black is separate from the color to make it easier to ‘clean up’ once scanned in and will also allow for printing on other backgrounds. As summer draws to a close I get one step closer to finishing my forever herb garden!

The Last Days of Summer

Red and Gold Sunflower Bloom by Shalom Schultz Designs

I’m enjoying a particularly gorgeous crop of sunflowers in my front yard right now – the kind that just keep producing bloom after bloom after bloom. Hard to believe that by the end of this month gardening season will be over and I’ll be choosing pumpkins to top my flower pots…

Just Keep Going…You’ll Get There

Confucius quote. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Inspirational, motivational.

The other day I was taking an ‘Insta-break’, while I scarfed down my lunch before resuming work on a design project with a looming deadline, and when I came across this quote I just stopped. Could that really be true? I mean, nice thought, but I’m pretty sure my paying customers will mind quite a bit if I suddenly decide I need twice as much time as I originally told them to complete their project. Then it hit me. Yes, some things in life do need to follow a specific timeline, but when it comes to the broader goals I have for myself – both personally and professionally – no matter how many roadblocks I keep coming up against, I’m only a failure if I decide to quit instead of pressing onward. And some days it really feels like I’m making zero progress, but deep in my heart I know that’s not true because I haven’t stopped. And I’m not going to.