Shalom_cropped2Hi, I’m Shalom Schultz. Here’s a little background on my artistic journey. Thanks for checking me out!

I’ve been creating stuff ever since I can remember – some of my earliest pieces included doodles of stick-figure ladies in fancy dresses and a hand-sewn stuffed animals. When it came time for me to choose a college major, I baffled my parents by going into art (in which I’d had no formal training) instead of music (which they’d invested in years of private piano lessons for) and in 2001 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

I was employed as a full time graphic designer for four years before deciding to become an independent freelance designer – a change which I’ve been very happy with, ever since. I’ve had the privilege to work on a wide variety of professional projects and design styles, while enjoying a flexible schedule with time to devote to my personal creative interests.

If asked to describe my artistic style in one word, it would be nomadic. Nothing makes me feel more alive than when I am able to tune out everything around me and lose myself in the colors and shapes of an art project. I can spend hours poring over beautiful imagery in search of inspiration and have been known to shed a tear when something strikes me as particularly moving. And I have a love/hate relationship with art & craft stores: while I never leave one feeling uninspired, more often than not I come away regretting that there would not be enough hours in 10 lifetimes for me to try all of the things I’d like to (plus I always spend too much money on supplies…and then have to spend even more money on bins to store all the new stuff I just bought…). Despite my internal artistic turmoil, the one thing that has remained steady over the years is the need to create. And somehow, I think that is the most important thing for an artist to do – even if nothing else makes sense.

I began my post-college artistic journey by designing modern stationery and invitations, which I sold on Etsy for several years until the birth of my son in 2011. It was the perfect time not only to slow down my hectic pace, but also to reevaluate the type of creative work I wanted to do. I realized that the demands of my stationery business had wiped out all but a sliver of time to create new art and that, as nice as it was to have the extra income, it just wasn’t making me happy anymore. So I let it go. Since then, I’ve granted myself the freedom to try out new techniques and subject matter, take as much time as I need to get them “right” (in my mind), and to not beat myself up if something doesn’t turn out as awesome as I’d hoped (or if I just get bored with a piece and need to move on…more often than not I will return to it again in time).

Some of my favorite mediums are on the traditional end: watercolor paints and papers, drawing pencils, archival markers and pens. These are familiar and the possibilities are endless. But more recently, I’ve developed a growing appreciation and passion for creating art from recycled materials – not only for the “green” aspect (which I love), but also for the inherent uniqueness that comes with breathing new life into worn out old objects that could tell you a million stories…these days it is not uncommon to find me casually sifting through a grimy dumpster while still wearing the clothes I left a business meeting in.

When I’m not being artsy, I also very much enjoy gardening, reading, writing, walking, occasionally dabbling in music, and going on adventures of all kinds with my husband, son and the family dog. We live in a cozy little cottage of a house with a nice big garden in Rock Island, IL.


While I’m no mean social media machine, I do like to post updates on my latest projects and sources of creative inspiration in these places.




My artwork can be purchased here.



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