Merry Christmas 2015


I’m pretty sure that nothing beats spending Christmas with a 4 year old who ‘gets it’ for the first time. This has been the most magical day! I hope you are all having just as much fun (but I doubt it). 😉


Koi Fish in Pond Mother and Baby Graphic Illustration

Koi fish in pond mother and baby digital graphic illustration. Red, coral and black fish on turquoise blue water background with white bubbles. Modern art style. By Shalom Schultz Designs.

Original koi fish mother and baby illustration, sketched first in pencil and then digitally rendered. I did this several years ago when I was selling only digitally created art, but now that I’m trying to take a more ‘hands on’ approach with my Etsy shop,I think I might like to re-create it in watercolor, giving this design a softer, more fluid look.

Stamps With Style

US Postal Service Farmers Market Forever Stamps. Vintage style graphic design, signage and typography. Watermelons, sweet corn, cantaloupes, tomatoes.

I just had to take a moment to rave about these gorgeous US postal stamps! I LOVE vintage graphic design & typography and, while these stamps designs are brand new, they definitely get my heart beating. In my mind, I’m immediately transported into the middle of a bustling farmers market on a hot summer day – sipping ice-cold lemonade as I browse through vibrant displays of plump and juicy fruits and veggies spilling out of antique wooden packing crates. I’m thinking a weekend trip downtown to my local market is a definite must!

Pumpkins in July?

Hanging paper lanterns in summer graphic illustration by Shalom Schultz Designs. Life and Liberty. 4th of July. Independence Day. 2015 calendar artwork.

Are you making the most of YOUR summer? I can’t believe it’s already half over – there’s still so many things I want to do.Meanwhile over on Pinterest my newsfeed has suddenly become flooded with pumpkin recipes…ha ha, not so fast! I intend to keep basking in the season of flip flops, flower gardens, fireflies & fruity drinks for wee bit longer.
(Artwork from my 2015 calendar)

Hello April!


So happy to open my door (and windows) wide to welcome in the month of new beginnings. It’s the start of flea market & garage sale season, green shoots poking up through the dead leaves in my flowerbeds are begging for my attention, and I can finally pack my boots away & start picking out nail polish colors. Also, it’s my birthday month. 😉 I have so much to be thankful for and look forward to & I hope you do too. Happy April everyone!
(Artwork is from my 2015 calendar)

Let There Be Flowers


New blooms have sprung up in my Etsy shop! This design is all about big, bold blossoms & lots of vibrant colors. Opening this line with note cards & art prints (invitations, etc. in the works).

A Month of Giving


Welcome February! Not only are we that much closer to Spring, but we also have Valentines Day to look forward to. Even if you’re not a fan, who can resist 90% off chocolates the day after??? But personally, I like to think of the holiday more as a whole month to focus on loving the people in our lives & giving gifts of the heart that will last far beyond just a single day.