Warm Socks & A Cup Of Hot Tea


How to survive the last weeks of winter? One cup at a time, of course. This tribute to great tea lives in my Etsy shop. 🙂


Go Ahead & Take Another Coffee Break


Am I right or am I right? The coffee pot is on all day at my house. Wouldn’t have it any other way. This art print is up now in my Etsy shop! http://goo.gl/yscJ4e

Let There Be Flowers


New blooms have sprung up in my Etsy shop! This design is all about big, bold blossoms & lots of vibrant colors. Opening this line with note cards & art prints (invitations, etc. in the works).

2015 Calendar by Shalom Schultz Designs

2015 Cal_ALL
My 2015 Calendar is online! This year I wanted to focus on encouragement
and positivity so I chose 12 simple phrases for each month and matched it with
my original artwork to help convey the message. Available in printed form as
a desktop or hanging calendar and also as a digital download.
Click here to purchase.
2015 Calendar by Shalom Schultz Designs
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