Freedom Garden


Getting my garden in the patriotic spirit for this extra-long, all-American weekend & feeling grateful for all the sacrifices that were made to keep our great country free.


String Art Valentines for Kids (and Adults too!)


Connor and I had such fun making these string art hearts which look so cute on our front door! I cut out the hearts and he punched the holes around the border. Then I let him use my huge (not sharp) quilting needle to pull the strings through. Great fine motor activity and precious time spent with my true love. 🙂 Looking forward to spoiling my family this weekend for Valentines Day!

It’s National Handwriting Day!


I was so thrilled to discover that today is National Handwriting Day! Somewhere in a dark closet is the box with journals I’ve filled from cover to cover with my innermost thoughts over the years. Hand cramps eventually prompted me to make the digital transition. But I’ve always loved the look and individuality of a handwritten note & some of my most precious mementos are the sentiments expressed on cards I’ve received over the years (and I like to imagine others feel the same way about notes I’ve sent them). So, to show my support for this art form, I’ve decided that spending a little time each day in the thankfulness journal I’d all but forgotten about is a good place to start.