Dreaming of Spring


Counting down the days til spring as I work out the larger details of this farmers market drawing, using my smaller sketch as a guide…if I close my eyes, I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on my bare toes as I walk among the stalls, choosing fresh produce, baked items & flowers to bring home…


Ink Drawing Complete for Culinary Herbs Illustration

Culinary Herbs Ink Drawing and Watercolor Wash by Shalom Schultz Designs

Finished ink drawing and watercolor wash for my Culinary Herbs illustration. The black is separate from the color to make it easier to ‘clean up’ once scanned in and will also allow for printing on other backgrounds. As summer draws to a close I get one step closer to finishing my forever herb garden!

Graduation Table Top Decorations with Mason Jars and Lids

Mason Jar Table Top Decorations for a Graduation Party by Shalom Schultz Designs. Green herb plants in clear jars, wrapped in burlap and black & white ribbon and hung with chalkboard tags made from mason jar lids.  Hand drawn words of congratulations in chalk.

Lately, it seems that if I’m not outside gardening, I’m putting my freehand skills to use designing mini ‘chalkboard’ signs (hint: it’s just black paper glued to mason jar lids and a white charcoal pencil) for my husband’s college graduation party next week. Four years ago, at age 32 he decided to go back to school to study computer programming. He’s already accepted a new job offer and before the end of this month will be leaving the construction industry to follow his dream! I’m so proud of him and happy to have an excuse to spend so much time being crafty. 🙂

It’s All Coming Together Now


My new printer/scanner came in! Now I just need to get it set up and then I can start putting together all the individual components of watercolor & ink artwork into the final layout. When finished, the quote will be in the center of the oval border, the single lace motif will be a faded repeating pattern in the background & the tea set will be arranged below the quote. You might be able to tell that I’ve deviated a bit from my original plan. The graphic designer in me likes having the freedom to change my mind, which is why I’ve created each component as a separate ‘layer’. Going forward I’d like to break that habit, so I can produce final results more quickly. But for now, it’s exciting to be so close to the finish line!

Embroidered Ink?


Finished the last of the ink work for my Jane Austen-inspired art piece. I love to do ‘real’ embroidery as well, but drawing this was a lot of fun. Now it’s time scan it into my computer & digitally combine it with the watercolor artwork I painted separately to create the final product.