A Garden Of Freedom

Patriotic flower garden with american flag for 4th of July by Shalom Schultz Designs. Independence Day. Freedom. Summer gardening decorations.

After an extra-long weekend filled with the best of summer – food, family, fireworks & fireflies – a little gardening was perfect for winding down and being thankful for my freedom.


Garden Jewels

Spring pink and purple Fuchsia flower blossoms by Shalom Schultz Designs. Flower gardening. Garden love.

These fuchsia flowers in my garden are almost too gorgeous to be real. When I was a child, they were always my favorite blossoms to see when my mother would take me to visit a local greenhouse because they reminded me of ballerinas with their bright, poofy ‘tutus’. Now I love them for being easy to grow and adding vibrant color to the shady spot next to my front porch.

Sooner or later we all quote our mothers

Dahlia Blossom Note Cards by Shalom Schultz Designs in purple, pink, orange, yellow and green. Perfect for spring and Mothers Day. Printable digital download.

I absolutely LOVE Mothers Day and look forward every year to finding the perfect gift for my mom/best friend, but HATE shopping for cards (takes forever/never find what I want) so I always make my own and that’s how I came up with this batch. If you’d like one for your own mom, my printable cards are now 50% off. Enter Coupon Code: MOTHERSDAY to get an add’l 20% off all orders (through 5/13). Have a Happy Mothers Day! 🙂
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I Must Have Flowers, Always & Always


Can’t think of a better way to spend this sunny morning than by planning out my flower garden while I sip a cup of hot tea. My yard is my canvas – blank right now, but in my mind I see colors popping up everywhere. An artist’s paradise. When I’m at a plant sale, piling pots onto my cart, I feel a little bit like Monet…all I can think about is that ‘I must have flowers, always and always.’

A Fresh Perspective On Color Theory


If you aren’t following @flora.forager on Instagram yet, you need to. Her art, created with fresh flowers & other natural materials is absolutely stunning! I’m especially drawn to this version of the color wheel. My hands are itching to paint something just looking at it.

Spring is Here!


Happy First Day of Spring! I tried out a brand new (to me) technique with this piece, using pastel pencils & a white paint pen on a piece of textured, green paper for a ‘chalkboard’ effect. I also drew it completely freehand, without any preliminary sketches. Very different from how I usually work, but I like the overall whimsical & slightly imperfect effect. Will definitely be doing more like this.