String Art Valentines for Kids (and Adults too!)


Connor and I had such fun making these string art hearts which look so cute on our front door! I cut out the hearts and he punched the holes around the border. Then I let him use my huge (not sharp) quilting needle to pull the strings through. Great fine motor activity and precious time spent with my true love. 🙂 Looking forward to spoiling my family this weekend for Valentines Day!


Never Stop Learning

Allow yourself the freedom to have your perspective altered by new people and experiences. Feed your mind – you will be richer, wiser and happier because the human brain’s capacity to learn is unlimited. Don’t ever forget that.

Spring is Here!


Happy First Day of Spring! I tried out a brand new (to me) technique with this piece, using pastel pencils & a white paint pen on a piece of textured, green paper for a ‘chalkboard’ effect. I also drew it completely freehand, without any preliminary sketches. Very different from how I usually work, but I like the overall whimsical & slightly imperfect effect. Will definitely be doing more like this.