My First Rose

Took the plunge this season and decided to plant the first-ever rose bush in my flower garden. I wasn’t expecting any blooms the first year, but suddenly this beauty appeared! It smells sooooo good!! 💕


The Loveliness of Lilacs


Every time my lilacs bloom, I feel like throwing a party. I wait all year & they’re here for a couple weeks at most, but I’m pretty sure this is what heaven smells like.

Petunias and Pumpkins

Fall cedar planter with purple petunias and red mums. Autumn flowers accented by white and orange pumpkins. Outdoor decorating. Country, cottage style rustic decor.

The summer gardening season is nearly over, but I always look forward to adding one last burst of fresh color with a pot of fall mums. A collection of small pumpkins officially welcomes the changing of seasons as falling leaves gather on the ground. Autumn is always too short for my liking, but I intend to revel in every cozy moment.

Garden Jewels

Spring pink and purple Fuchsia flower blossoms by Shalom Schultz Designs. Flower gardening. Garden love.

These fuchsia flowers in my garden are almost too gorgeous to be real. When I was a child, they were always my favorite blossoms to see when my mother would take me to visit a local greenhouse because they reminded me of ballerinas with their bright, poofy ‘tutus’. Now I love them for being easy to grow and adding vibrant color to the shady spot next to my front porch.