How to be Unstoppable


So many reason why I’m posting this today…so many burdens on my heart. I hope I will always be someone who is not afraid to learn…and if need be, to change.


Motivation vs. Discipline

Motivation vs. Discipline Inspirational Quote

Excellent advice from @1000lifelessons . This is something I really struggle with when life gets hectic. But by identifying specific goals & committing to working on them every day, I’ve achieved more than I ever would have by simply waiting for the ‘mood’ to strike.

A Lesson From Nature

Lao Tzu Quote - Nature Does Not Hurry and Yet Everything is Accomplished. White and yellow daisy flowers. Relax and don't stress.

What a lovely reminder to slow down & enjoy life. I sometimes feel like I’m in a competition for who can create the most to do lists. It’s great to have goals, but it’s OK to take a break & relax when you need it too.

How To Have More Time For What You Love


It may seem impossible at first, with so many other things vying for your urgent attention, but the truth is if you want more time for your passion you need to make it a priority –  because (as we all know) ‘tomorrow never comes’. I wasted over a decade doing what I thought was ‘right’ and what ‘had to be done’, feeling like I was constantly in survivor mode, jumping on the same treadmill day after day, year after year. I swallowed the rhetoric of ‘follow the money’ but it only left me feeling drained & unfulfilled. Of course, we all need a little cash to get by on (which is why, much as I’d like to be a full-time artist, I have a part-time job to supplement my husband’s income). But for me, money is no longer the primary, driving force behind what motivates me to get out of bed every morning. The excitement I feel when I’ve hatched a new idea and the sense of pure relaxation when I lose myself in the creative process are such priceless pleasures – I will never trade them in for the promise of a ‘good life’ again. But perhaps, if I work really hard at pursuing what I love most, one day the money will follow me (instead of the other way around).

Find Success: Stick To What Already Works

I came across this thought-provoking article by James Clear today & it kind of rocked my world. What do I know in my heart (or from past experience) is a proven strategy for success, but I haven’t been doing lately? Have I been focusing too much on what’s ‘trendy’ and ‘exciting’ while ignoring the tried & true, but perhaps ‘boring’ or ‘time consuming’ methods? Am I wasting precious time seeking a quick & easy solution?

I’m afraid the answer to all of these in one aspect or another is, ‘Yes’. Ouch. Time to step back, reevaluate my goals & priorities & follow a lot of my own advice (instead of everyone else’s).

Interview with Design Sponge Founder


This is one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve ever watched. Grace Bonney of the hugely popular design blog, Design Sponge, shares her insights into running a successful online business for 10 years and how she deals with the ever-changing landscape of internet marketing & social media. A wonderful reference for small business owners everywhere. Click the link to watch the video,